Recommended reading

Here is a short selection of books you might find useul:

  • On education:

If you read only one book about education, you should read Daniel T. Willingham’s Why don’t students like school ? : sound, clear, to the point, key take-aways for your daily teaching practice.

Doug Lemov’s Teach like a champion is in many ways a very useful book, I would highly recommend studying it and watching the videos. One big caveat, though: like all books, you have to make the techniques your own and adapt them to your own context. In other words, if you’re a new teacher and think you will be able to apply these techniques to your new school from Day 1, you’re dead ! Know the techniques, rehearse them, but talk to your colleagues to assess what your new students are ready for.

Among recently published books, David Didau’s What if everything you knew about education was wrong is well worth reading.  Although I may not personally agree with everything David Didau says (and the author himself does not claim you should, he just wants you to think differently), most of the debunking you will find in this book is very useful, right down to Appendix 1 (Data by numbers) and 2 (Five myths about intelligence), which I particularly recommend.

You may also be interested in Mr Didau’s blog:

I would also recommend John Tomsett’s book This much I know about love over fear. Certainly a book all senior leaders should read… Here’s the link to Mr Tomsett’s blog:

  • On Maths teaching:

In my view, the best ever manual for Maths teachers is Jane Portman’s and Jeremy Richardson’s Maths Teachers’ Handbook, which can be downloaded free at the following URL:

This handbook was designed for developing countries, where there are no textbooks. Which is great.

I am also a great fan of Rob Eastaway ( Such books as Why do buses come in threes ? are a delight and a great source for stimulating Maths lessons. All his books are wonderful (, and his videos are well worth watching too, like for example this one:

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